A Better Contact Center Experience

NexTask offers a contact center you can customize yourself in minutes, backed by intelligent workflow management logic to ensure your agents are working the right tasks at the right time for maximum efficiency.


Built on the Twilio Flex platform, NexTask offers all the features you need for an engaging contact center experience.  Agents can easily manage multiple conversations in multiple channels at the same time. Supervisors have a complete view of what agents are doing, including be able to view an agent’s screen.


With NexTask Mosaics, we give you the control to design your contact center experience exactly the way you want it, with easy drag-and-drop customization that will have you up and running in minutes.  Our API-based platform makes it easy to pull in data from multiple sources, giving your agents a central place to find everything they need for effective customer interactions.


NexTask takes the guesswork out of building an efficient contact center.  It provides intelligent workflow management to deliver the right task to the right agent at the right time.  With robust dashboard and monitoring tools, you can easily make adjustments to keep your contact center at running at peak performance.


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