Our Partners

We’re selective about the companies we choose as partners because we consider them to be an extension of our team.

We want the best possible solutions for our customers, and a mutually rewarding relationship between us, our partners, and our customers.



NexTask partners with Twilio, a recognized leader in the CPaaS space, to leverage the powerful Twilio Flex digital engagement platform to provide the core contact center functionality you need to run your business.


As a Twilio Gold Consulting Partner, Terazo offers a proven track record of creating impactful outcomes and forward-thinking solutions when you need additional customization or strategy-building to enhance your NexTask contact center experience.


NexTask is designed to work seamlessly with Bloodhound, a leading software provider in the accounts receivable market.   Together, Bloodhound and NexTask create a dynamic duo with a robust collections management platform and state of the art contact center.

Trusted Partners

“Roydan Enterprises, Ltd. has been one of Twilio’s innovative solution partners for over 6 years. We are excited to work together on their next generation of integrated contact center, NexTask. As an industry leader in the accounts receivable market, this platform will help streamline the agent experience while dramatically improving customer experience. NexTask, powered by Twilio Flex, is Roydan’s vision for the future of contact centers. ”

Victor Fung, Twilio Partner Alliance Manager